Meet the Media Queeries Team

With over 10 years freelance experience between us, we're passionate about helping other freelancers, entrepreneurs, and artists reach their goals.

Headshot of Steph Landtiser

Steph Landtiser

Web Designer & Developer

Steph grew up immersed in the Portland arts scene. Working both on and behind the stage, they know the effort that artists put into every performance. While they began learning to code as a hobby, it has since become their passion to use technology as a connection between artists and their audiences.

Headshot of Iris Mairead

Iris Mairead

Web Designer & Developer

Iris is a web designer, front-end developer, filmmaker, writer, singer, and educator. Having held many roles herself, often at the same time, she is intrigued by the challenge of communicating identity. Particularly for those who wear many hats or have many offerings, it can be a puzzle to convey who you are in a manner that is clear and succinct, yet holistically representative. Iris loves meeting with clients to learn about who they are, and helping distill their ideas into clear and navigable sites that uniquely represent them.